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Madison's vintage shop

From the owner, Peter Benck:

Good Style Shop began as a small vintage clothing buy-sell-exchange shop on the corner of East Wash and Hancock back in 2009. Since moving to this neighborhood in October 2012, we’ve grown into a flea-style vintage collective with a discriminating view of cool, accessible vintage clothing and LP records. In keeping with the original vision, we host art installations and the occasional live music performance to keep ties with current culture and bring in new customers. All our sellers relate clothing to a way of living — we know fashion to be a statement, a code, a head-to-toe proclamation of well-informed, personal style.

Many of our customers are returning neighbors, vintage clothing costumers, other resellers, and campus bloggers.

Our biggest trends stay tethered to runway and contemporary cycles, but don’t replicate them. A lot of items we sell serve to set off, or personalize someone’s seasonal purchases, but then again, some current trends replicate or borrow vintage silhouettes, styles, and materials. We love to bridge that gap.”